i always wondered how a yellow Macintosh SE would look like so here it is (i used all my photoshop skills pls don't bully)

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i am setting up a dedicated server to host this website

This website was created in 9/14/18

In this house we love technology, cats, Lalisa and follow the laws of thermodynamics

This website is optimized for computers with 1366x768p 16 million colors screens(may optimize it for 1080p when i get a screen with such resolution)

Some images may not load the first or second time you access this website, i think is just a problem from neocities so if a put this site in a dedicated server
it may get fixed

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im always updating and adding more things, but have a little patience because im just starting to learn HTML and CSS


● About me

- My PC
- My anxiety problems

● Cats

- Cat armor
- Catographies

● Technology

- Thinkpads are comfy
- Local hosting of this website
- My opinion about "The Cloud" and "free" online sorage
- My opinion about free software
- Dream Rack
- Dream PC builds

● Videogames

- Grand Theft Auto 5
- Trove

● My art

- Pixel art

● Politics

- [Opinion] Trump does not hate Mexicans or the LGBT+ community

● Random

- Fun facts
- Lalisa is my queen
- sleep tight ratto

● C̵͙͐̏͊̈́͝û̷̘̥̱̫̦̄̆͒̚ŕ̷͓̫̝̙̏ͅṡ̷̱̹͛͆͠ḙ̴̬̙͎̤͌̓̓͆d̸̩͇̤̟̃́̍

● Realm

● Web-dev projects

- 309 Byte HTML/CSS/JS editor

(fork of 407 Byte TinyEditor)

- 1700 Byte start page with Google and DuckDuckGo search engines

(fork of 3190 Byte Mingo)


(High processing power required)

Surf the suffer .DON'T.

Too young to die too old to try~

What's up im Lisa and im nineteen i like to lift weights and wear sunscreen

About me

This is the first category not because im a egomaniac but because i want you to know who is talking behind these opinions and thoughts

Hi, im the person writing all this nonsense, my name is Panfu, i am 13 years old and i live in Argentina.
i have a lot of free time which means i ovethink things a lot which gave me social anxiety which at the same time gave me more free time because i don't go out (basically a snowball).
but i am not a emo so i know every bad thing is just a good thing looked from the wrong angle, being scared of people opened a lot of doors for myself, for example learning about web development, learning about software and hardware in general and learning english by myself so i can interact and talk with people while being anonymous and not having any real repercusion in real life

picture of me in the WW2 shooting people with my fish

PC specs:

those are my pc specs, im very happy with it, it served me for 3 years already and i plan to stay with it 2 years more, until GTX 2050Ti and zen3 comes out

Also, i kind of regret getting the FX6300 instead of some Intel counterpart, it gets HOT like real HOT and even tho it has 6 cores (which for me is the golden number of cores) they arent that fast, but still i dont regret it that much because buying it means i supported AMD which ended up giving the best CPU architecture to date (zen) and will continue for some years until zen3 comes out which will probably be my last pc build for the rest of my life because you can't go under 7nm by a lot which means not big performance gains

My anxiety problems

(11/6/18)> as i already said i think i have social anxiety, its not confirmed by a doctor yet so i am not 100% sure but if it isnt social anxiety then i have something else, being in public is like hell, my heart starts to fucking race, i sweat, i eat my nails, my face muscles do weird shit, etc...
And i said YET because im going to a psychiatrist tomorrow, i really want the pills, i can't deal with this, is affecting my academic performance and most of the time i can't talk to the girl i like because i start shaking and sweating and i fucking hate it, i hate that my mind/body does this, i just want to be like a normal person, wish me luck guys.
(1/29/18)> WOOSH that was a long time, anyways, i ended up cancelling the psychiatrist session because i just didnt felt like going out, some day later i started going to a psychologist, and i already went 5 times (i think?), the dud said i dont need pills, like, he said im weird and all but because im not depressed and i keep trying to get better i dont need pills, it makes sense i guess but some pills would really help, not fix but help. Anyways, talking about getting better, i started lifting weights, nothing too serious, just to develop some muscles so i feel a little more confident or something :/.


this section is dedicated to everything cats related!

(one of them is not like the others)


Venus, "the two face cat"
Venus is a cat with a interesting and particular aspect, like her nicknames hint ("the two face cat", "the chimera cat" etc...) Venus face is half black and half gold-ish or brown-ish. Her adventure in the feline fame started 8/14/2012 in her own Facebook page (a lot of people think it started in instagram, but it didn't) and continues to this day with her own website and almost three million (3.000.000) followers in all her social networks together. She has a good friend and almost brother called Roo, "the kangaroo cat"

Roo, "the kangaroo cat"
Roo, as i already said, lives (very happy) with Venus, this cat stands out because he has a condition called Radial Hypoplasia so his front forelegs are short and twisted and he walk with only three legs because he does not put weight in his right front leg, his name comes from his characteristic pose (see pic related). His fame in the HollyWood of cats started 2/6/2016, this time in Instagram (still got a FaceBook page 4 months later) and has more than 86.5k followers with all his social networks together, still good considering Roo is about [Information spugned] years old younger, he still has time to get fans And finally a pic of both of them together:



Thinkpads are nice and comfy -Amadeus 32:69

But seriously, i really like lenovo products (typing this from a ideapad 320) and im going to get a Thinkpad t440p to achieve maximum levels of comfyness.

The Cloud

Free Software


This article is for my dream rack, i may modify components when new hardware comes out.
(Even though this is a dream i expect to reach it someday so i dont have my expectations THAT high, i could say "4 GTX 1080ti" but i know that isnt going to happen, so im fine with 2 GTX 1080)

From top to bottom:
First 2U: nothing, free space just in case i want to add something later on

Second 4U:
Ryzen Threadripper 2920X, 32GB of ram, 2 VEGA 56, two 3TB Hard Drives in raid 1
Why: i plan to do a lot of virtualization to test programs and things, i will also like to do physics simulations and Hashcat to bruteforce passwords.

Third 2U:
2 raspberry pi's zero W to host a VPN and a NAS so i can access important files when im out of home.
3 Rock64 cluster (horizontal like pic related and with one pc fan under for efficient cooling) to experiment with parallel programming connected to a ethernet switch with 2 free ports (because i may add more R64's if i get really into it)

Fourth 2U:
Intel Celeron G3930 with 4GB of ram(may add 4GB more if my site gets bigger than 4GB) and two 240GB SSD in raid 1 (i choose this CPU because of the low power consuption, i also considered the AMD Athlon 200GE but the G3930 is chaper and does not have the unnecesary IGPU)
I will also add a 700VA uninterrumped power supply just in case

PC Builds

Dream PC builds i just dont want to forget about them

1. Operating systems/software testing unit
I HATE virtual machines, i just hate to deal with them, the amount of errors and is just not convenient and i love to test different OS's and weird software, thats why this build came to my mind, and even though the CPU isn't that powerful i can cross compile software in my main PC.

CPU: Intel Celeron G3930
RAM: 4gb DDR4
GPU: GT 1030
HDD: 512GB WD blue
PSU: generic 350W
Case: Realan H80 mini itx
Extra: N O

2. NAS
My 1TB main hard drive is getting full and old so i really need an upgrade

CPU: Celeron G3930
RAM: 8gb DDR4
HDD: x2 8TB RAID 1
PSU: generic 300W
Case: Fractal design NODE 304
Extra: 32gb flashdrive to boot NAS4Free

Apple is evil

Post 10s apple is crap, their products started to decay in quality, but still acceptable until 2015, when the last "good" Macbook Pro was lauched, now apple is just a cult of people wasting money to feel superior because of "muh expensive stylish leptop" even thoug you could get a much better laptop with the same and even less money, but you know, you dont need that much power for a Facebook machine.
And let's not even talk about their desktop shits, they are just overpriced shit, nothing more, the last acceptable apple desktop in my opinion is the Macintosh classic II .

also the 2006 black Macbook is the only Macbook i would ever buy


Grand Theft Auto V

i used to love GTA V, i played it for a month almost no stop until my gaming pc started to die, i mean, it isn't dead but it needs some medical help, it overheats with simple tasks ;-; still i dont really game that much now, sometimes i play roblox but thats it.UPDATE: i repasted my pc and now it works perfectly
some pics of my GTA V character and my most expensive car (about 4 million):

(i also love to drift in this game)


Trove is a MMO with Voxel based graphics, i really like it because of the amount of items, money and communities you can find if you know where to look at, Trove most famous currecy is called "flux" but theres also crypto-money and trade of items.
a pic of my old character and a party at my house:


Okay so this is a very famous and long saga of videogames i like and used to love, because of it being long i will separate my opinions in generations(only the ones i played)

Gen 1:
because of my 3yo attention span i never finished a gen1 Pokemon game, even thoug i have physical copies of Yellow and Green for the Gameboy

Gen 2:
i have Pokemon Silver in the 3ds virtual console (mostly because of a limited time wallpaper and pokemon event) and i dont know, i dont played it that much but it looks good and you can make a pokemon follow you :D

Gen 3:
I played Omega Ruby and i kinda liked it, i finished it but never touched it since (fun fact: i won the last GYM in school in the middle of a class)

Gen 7:
I loved this generation, in fact, i loved it so much i played more than 700hs and almost completed the nationaldex, i even shiny hunted sometimes and i got some nice shinies

Gen 7.5?: Pokemon Ultrasun, i really tried to like it but i just didn't find the magic of the last one, so i never ended it, nice graphics for a 3ds tho


Here i post my "art" or anything artistic related (Pixel art, photography, videos, etc..)


Yes, this is the part of my page where i get controversial, if something i post in this section is a opinion i will clarify with the tag [opinion] and if something is a fact i will clarify with the tag [fact], if i tag something as a fact and you dont think it is fact or you think i am wrong you can always go to my instagram account and send me a direct message telling me how i am wrong, i will only debate people with facts, i dont care about your feelings.

[Opinion] Donald Trump does not hate Mexicans or the LGBT+ community

I hate this lie or "myth" because a lot of people when you ask them why they dont like trup they say somehing like "because he's racist and /or homophobic".
Racist: Trump never said he hates mexicans or people of other races/countries, he only hates in illegal inmigrants (im half mexican and i used to think of Trump as a evil man who just wanted to destroy america, i just informed myself and now i understand)

Homophobic: As you can see in the image, hes totally fine with the LGBTQASDRGSDFSDFS+ community.
Which is a hard thing for me, because im totally against that community, im not against homosexuals or bisexuals, i still don't know if im heterosexual or bisexual because i don't really care right now, not my biggest problem, but if i turn to be homosexual, i am homosexual, im not "gay", i am a normal person who likes the same gender, thats it, im not a cockhungry faggot, the LGBT community makes homosexuals look like a cult of wierdos without personality who suck atleast 3 cocks a day and i hate that, if i like men, thats it, i dont need or want to be in a cult of faggots


Here goes everything that does not deserve his own section, some of the thing im going to post here are important to me but dont have enough juice to fill a category

Lalisa is my queen

Sleep tight ratto

Fun fact: while i was posting this image my grandpa looked at my laptop and said "is that a dog?"

IMPORTANT: The next thing you are going to read is some dumb thing i did while i was bored, is not exact and it may be wrong, you can always talk to my Instagram if you have a better way to determine this and i will not take premium accounts in account

I have made the calculations about how many Bytes of information Neocities hosts in websites alone
So, my calcultions are
i counted and checked clicking the "random" button in website search and about 17,5% of Neocities websites are just the default text and the other 17.5% are just a little of text + 1-3 images and Neocities hosts about 203.700 sites so, if i substract the 35% it ends up being 132,405 sites, and two thirds of these sites only use up to 5MB of the free space provided, (so 45.018) and that let us with only 22.509 sites using 6MB-1GB of space (so, 503MB in average) , if we add all these numbers together
(150KB x 35.647) + (5MB x 45.018) + (503MB x 22.509) = Aprox 11.5TB

To learn more, check out your backyard, you may find cool and weird bugs


Born in the wrong DIMΞNSION