So much fun!

Fun facts

1. If you whistle hard enough you can't hear your inner demons.

2. people die from turning their necks 180ยบ becuase they finally see the entity behind them.

3. Having friends is actually kinda fun, if you dont have fun with your friends then they probablly aren't your friends(talking from experience).

4. The USA is always in social conflicts because of the amount of people and cultures living in the same country.

5. If my gf were a mommy/dominant girl everything would be easier because of my social anxiety, but she a cute submissive girl and i love her.

6. Even tho im 13 so probably too young to get into recreational drugs i really want to try weed to see if it helps with my anxiety.

7. i know most of those aren't facts but i just made this page to express some of my thoughts.

8. even though i always knew there was something bad with my mind i find it kind of edgy to tell my mom/friends "i have some anxiety dissorder" so never said it until yesterday because of how much this is affecting my academic performance and overall relations(mostly with my gf), so im going to a psychiatrist in some days, i hope they give me some pills or something, i really hate this.